3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Comfort

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Create a Comfortable, Welcoming Environment

Your home is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy after a long day’s work. By making certain exterior upgrades, you can improve the comfort and living quality within your home. In addition, these improvements can also add value to your home when you are ready to sell.

3 Comfort Updates for Your Home

1. Improve Natural Lighting

Plenty of natural sunlight can do wonders to the mood and comfort level of you and your family. Yet in older homes, windows may be too small or misplaced to take advantage of the sun’s rays. By installing bay windows and other larger windows to replace existing windows, adding new windows to rooms that didn’t have them, or introducing a skylight to your main living space are all great ways to incorporate natural lighting into your home.

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2. Create an Airtight Seal

One of the most common complaints of older houses here in Lancaster County are that they are drafty. Poor insulation, single-pane windows, and drafty doors can make your heater work overtime during the winter months. Plus, windows account for up to 25% of a typical home’s heating load, so the cost of keeping older windows can be seen in your monthly heating costs.

Replacement windows and doors, storm doors, and even insulated siding can help cut down on air leaking from your home. This airtight seal will help you reduce energy costs, keep your home more comfortable, and even cut down on outside noises.

Of course, you still want to be able to enjoy fresh air during the warmer seasons. That’s why replacement windows come in several opening options to allow fresh air in. Combined with screen doors, sliding doors, and skylights that can be opened, you can really dial in your home’s comfort level by taking advantage of natural breezes.

3. Add Living Space

One of the best ways to improve your home’s comfort is to add additional living spaces. These new spaces include screened in porches, front porches, sunrooms, and backyard decks, all of which provide a place to comfortably relax, entertain, and spend time with your family. Awnings, custom railings, and roof overhangs offer additional comfort, value, and curb appeal.